Over time, your metal roof can become damaged and worn out. Prolong the life of your metal roof by contacting Western Coating in Lockwood & Billings, MT for metal roof restoration.

An experienced roofing contractor will repair or replace any damaged or exposed seams. We use a wide range of products, including Puma, Conklin, Rapid Roof and Benchmark. Your roof should look great and keep your property protected. Contact Western Coating today for more information about metal roof restoration.

3 long-lasting benefits of metal roof coating

A new coat on your metal roof will create a durable, seamless surface. Our metal roof coating services in Lockwood & Billings, MT will:

  1. Stop leaks
  2. Extend the life of your roof
  3. Improve energy efficiency

Many coatings can reflect the majority of the sun's UV rays to reduce your cooling costs. Coatings are more cost-effective than a complete replacement. Call 406-208-1790 today to learn more about metal roof coating.